Linda Stone, Expert in Technology and Behavior, to speak 9/30

Update: Due to the O’Hare Airport fire, Linda’s trip to North Carolina has been postponed.  The talk has been cancelled.

Linda Stone, a national expert on technology and behavior change, will be visiting Chapel Hill on Tuesday, September 30.  She will give a talk at UNC’s SILS.  After the talk, 80Pct is hosting an informal reception for Linda.  If you’re interested in technology and behavior change, you’ll find Linda’s work very interesting.


The talk will last from at 3:15PM-4PM at UNC’s SILS, located at 208 Manning Hall.  Map:

Essential Self Technologies connect us with our essential nature, our “essence” through the sensing and feeling self.  Once connected to our essence, we are also more connected to each other.  These technologies are often passive, ambient, and non-invasive.  They involve the use of light, vibration, pulse, sound, music, temperature, and weight, to support us in discovering and sustaining flow-like states and to contribute to a sense of embodiment.  While quantified self technologies offer value by contributing to awareness (of steps, pulse ox, HRV, etc), Essential Self Technologies support us in tapping into the wisdom of the body.


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